20 iyl 2018
Ən Son Onlayn
17 gün əvvəl

People have hurt u, cheated u, used u. Life has knocked u down. But that’s ok, u r still alive and guess how do I know that? Coz u r reading this right now and I bet only alive pple can read (I hope so).

If u were hurt on Sunday, on Monday, sun still rose. If u were hurted on Friday, on Saturday, the sun still rose. That’s how it is! Life still goes on. Obviously sun won’t b like, “today he/she is hurt so let’s stop the world for a day until he/she heals.” So get back up! 

If u r thinking u can’t live without someone, trust me, that’s so dumb of u to think so. No one stays forever. And no matter who leaves u, life still goes on so just GET BACK UP and move on. 

If u think no one loves u, God does love u. And if God takes anything from u, trust me, he is planning to return something better to u. 

This seems like a big lecture now 😅 So let me end this. Anyone of u is free to message me...