8 sen 2010
Last Online
May 5, 2016

I live in Palo Alto with my family. I play chess because I like it. I started playing in a club when I was in Kindergarden and I've been playing since although I have faint memories of just playing around with the pieces not knowing what they were for.

I changed my username from nintendo808 to this.

Some of my favorite openings are the Scotch game and Evan's Gambit as white. On black I don't quite yet have an opening that I love and know well and even the scotch game I don't know all the variations. I'd like to learn the gruenfeld and kings indian defense as well as the russian game (pettroff).

P.S. I'm Korean but I live in America.

My website may be a bit empty but that will soon change. Please check back frequently looking for a full-fledged gaming website and bookmark my site.