---Chess Coach--- 

Accepting new students who are 0 - 1500 and under 13 years old for low prices! (message me if you are interested!)


Help students create an opening repertoire, which they can use in their games to soon improve really quickly! Sidelines - 5 to 7 moves of theory. Main lines - 5 to 15 moves of theory.

My coaching uses mostly mastering Imbalances and that on its own will make them really good players!

1. Got a bronze medal in the Mississauga (City in Canada) Chess Championship
2. Have 2 Bronze medals from India
3. Got 1st place twice in a club with 600 players
4. Won a total of $130
5. Best chess player in my school
6. Beaten 1 IM, 10 FMs, 1 CM and 8 NMs
7. Beat an NM in a classical game
8. Won the Canadian Youth Chess Championship qualifier in Mississauga with an average accuracy of ~90!!!
9. Got second and third place in the Thornhill Chess Club

The Game I showed above was my first game(live.png) my accuracy was 5.3!

This is the highest-rated player I ever played (2951 GM Max Illingworth)
My highest win in rated blitz was 2753 rated player (levelclub) whose peak was 2823!! (Rated)
this is my highest win in bullet whose rating is an insane 2843 and a peak of 2901!!
My Chess Story
I started playing chess first when I was 6 years old then we had to move to India and I also had no interest long enough to learn any of the rules. Then I started playing chess to beat my dad starting from September 17th, 2020 and created my account on October 3rd, 2020. I started playing OTB games in October 2022 where I played the City Of Mississauga Championship which lasted for a month and a half (October - November 9th) I got 3rd place in the Championship with my first CFC rating! My CFC ID is 173096 if you want to check it out. I have gotten 3rd place in a club with almost 600 members! I have also got 2 Bronze Medals from India Tournaments (In the awards section), I won $130 in a tournament with a ranking of sixth place, and I am also the topper in chess at my school, and I would like to thank for existing and helping me and everyone become better chess players!