I am a chess variant enthusiast whom is currently most involved with Gothic Chess and Racing Kings. Currently, I am the best active Racing Kings player on (who very rarely isn't holding the #1 spot on the Racing Kings Blitz leaderboard). I am currently learning Gothic Chess, but hope to be one of the first better players of the variant. Below is a little history on myself.

"Happiness ... thank you. Because of that, I am prepared to die." - Seine [AiON]



Racing Kings: Current competitive player on this site. Highest rated player in Racing Kings Blitz on this site. Currently won't be playing on playstrategy. Former top 3 Racing Kings Player and 3 time Racing Kings Shield Winner on Lichess. Possibly the best pre-modern RK theorist. By far the best 1. Nd4 player in RK.

    • Notable Tournaments won: Lichess Racing Kings Swiss, November 2020 RK Shield, December 2020 RK Shield, 2022 Racing Kings Team Olympiad Board 3 Winner, 2023 MSO Grand Prix Racing Kings Silver Medalist, September 2023 RK Shield
    • Notable Teams Led/Hosted: Lovers of RK, United States RK Team, THINK RK, Racing Kings Fighter
    • Notable Tournaments Hosted: 2020 RK Nations Team Battles, 2021 RK1440 Open Championship, TURKL S2, 2022 RK1440 Open Championship, 2022 Racing Kings Team Olympiad
    • Notable Lines Theorized/Popularized: All of 1. Nd4 theory and traps, Rex Gambit (1. Bd4 Be4 ... 3. Nc3 Nxc3), 1. Nxc2 Rxc2 2. Nd4, Non-Theoretical Bd4 Kb3 ... Qh6 Line, And more
    • Highest Win Streak Here: 71 Current: 34
    • I've contributed several studies through several accounts. See my website for the bulk of my works: Google Site

Gothic Chess: I have just started getting into playing and studying this variant, but hope to release studies and achieve great things in this variant. I currently have nothing noteworthy to say about my involvement in this variant.

Chaturaji: Retired. Lifetime Chaturaji master by norms (achieved rating of 2101+ Oct. 7th, 2021) [Peak Rating Game (2164 August 23nd 2022): chaturaji/game/29096819]. Currently no longer interested in playing.

King of the Hill: Sporadic Casual Play. Back in 2018, the first variant that caught my attention was KOTH. To this day, is one of my favorite variants as it invites aggressive central-focused standard play while allowing for some quick tricks with the king or against the opponent's king. It caught my attention as it often forced opponents to play a game in my style of play or one I was more than comfortable playing in. I attempted to popularize this variant OTB and on lichess.

    • Hosted several semi-daily "KOTH is FUN" arenas on lichess in 2018.
    • Attempted to aid the start of a KOTH WC on lichess in 2020.
    • Achieved a 2100 rating of KOTH which was 300 above my standard rating at the time.
    • But most importantly, had the most fun while playing the KOTH variant