14 apr 2017
Ən Son Onlayn

My name is Togepi. Not my real name of course. Who in their rightful mind would go out saying their name to the public? Back to the point. You can call me Donuts, cause donuts are yummy. 

I like social deduction games, such as Mafia, Town Of Salem, or Werewolf. I mean

who doesn’t like some fun and games now and then?

IM me if you like any of these and I can introduce you to some on!

Unpopular opinion: io games are fun

Another unpopular opinion: pineapple on pizza.


”Hey, whoever is reading this? Thanks. You’re a cool person. Take it from someone who says half full.”

”Bad is what causes us to like good. Everything has a purpose.”

Fan Fave-

You fool. You absolute buffoon. You muffinhead. You potatobrain. Do you REALIZE what you have done? You've just been utterly and absolutely bamboozled by the absolute mastery that is this me executing this play. You thought you had even a smidge of a chance, but you never have. I've been running circles around you the whole time. Bow down to me, peasant. For you have just been outplayed in every single way imagineable.

- @ChessNerd1320

tank u for taking da time to read mai pwofile