30 okt 2008
Ən Son Onlayn
18 saat əvvəl
I have played Chess from my early teen days at school. I joined a local chess league in my 30'S and played OTB for a few years. Time finally persuaded me to take up correspondence in a Northants County team and in the BCCF (The British Correspondence Chess Federation). The advent of computers was a dream come true and transformed the way we all play chess today online . I have been married for 54 years since 1965 on Christmas Eve and have 5 Children b,g,b,g,g, all now grown up and also 10 Grandsons and three Grand Daughters.  As well as joining this site ( My Favourite), I also played on and The first two sites I played under the name of Sub Officer which was my rank in the Fire Service. My wife and I have now moved to Gloucester to be near family in my retirement and to enjoy the lovely surrounding countryside, the docks,boats and the sharpness canal towpath. A great place to contemplate my next move!