25 may 2008
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"There is within us, on the noetic plane, a warfare tougher than that on the plane of the senses. The Spiritual worker has to press on with his intellect towards the goal (cf. Phil. 3:14), in order to enshrine perfectly the remembrance of God in his heart like some pearl or precious stone (cf. Matt. 13:44-46). He has to give up everything, including the body, and to disdain this present life, if he wishes to possess God alone in his heart. For the noetic vision of God, the divine Chrysostom has said, can by itself destroy the demonic spirits."

St. Philotheos of Sinai

La guerre est ma patrie, 

mon harnois ma maison, 

et ne toute saison

combattre, c'est ma vie. 

Mes biens et ma vie à Testât,

Sacrifice à son service,

War is my fatherland, 

my armour is my house, 

and in every season

combat is my life. 

My possessions and my life testify, 

to sacrifice at his service.

- French military song, perhaps originated in Spanish poetry. 


I am into philosophy, politics, theology, history, genealogy, and I am bad at chess but enjoy the process!

철학, 정치/시사 토론, 신학, 역사, 계보학은 제 취미 이고 체스 못 하는 외국인 입니다. 자랑스러운 성남 시민이고 친구 하고 싶다면 추가해주세요 ^^. 

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