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Enschede, The Netherlands
23.05.2019 г.
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преди 14 часа
You'd be better off asking in their forums rather than here. I can help you privately if needed
преди 17 часа
hello I can not connect on Lichess the approach is complicated for a non-computer connoisseur unlike chess.com how to do it? Is there a simpler way?
преди 18 часа
I have finally gotten the DGT board to work. These are the keys: 1. The “Live Chess” function must be used, since the new “Play” function does not work correctly (it gives untimely errors) 2. The language must be set to English for the Voice Commentary application to work properly. Greetings
преди 18 дни
I can't get the dgt board to work properly on Chess.com It does the moves correctly from time to time. I have followed all the steps in the explanations and I get nothing. On the other hand, in Lichess it works perfectly. I do not understand anything.
преди 18 дни
@BaronVonChickenpants Thanks for this note, that is interesting to read. I hope they will impliement it then, I would like to stay on only one site. Until then, will play on Lichess (not end of the world). Update us when the Live-feature is dead?