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Nov 26, 2019

Hi, I am @GoPichu's Brother. @GoMachamp, I currently live in Calgary.

You might notice I've joined way earlier than @GoPichu. The truth is I never login to my account.

Ok, so here are some facts about you.

  • You are reading this
  • You know I'm @GoMachamp
  • You know that @GoPichu is my younger brother
  • You know that I'm COOL
  • This font is Times New Roman
  • You are viewing my profile
  • You don't know whether to follow me or not

After that, here are some clubs I would like you to join.

  1. BlitzGaming - This is a fun club to GAME, I like video games, if you are a kid you should, so why not hop in?
  2. Pro Chess Society - Very nice club to get better at chess, you may want to join this club to have a very high rating, Masters and Personally me and @GoPichu will teach

Then, here are some facts about me,

  • My name is William
  • I have a brother
  • I like Chess
  • I'm a pro
  • Liking Facebook
  • I have at least 1 follower (Hope so)
  • I am sad that @rcu21 is closing and switching accounts

Thank you, you dude, Do you want to continue READING? Sure, just scroll down.


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