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Magnus Carlsen vs. The World

Magnus Carlsen vs. The World

Jan 17, 2016, 8:07 PM 1

Do you remember when we played World Champion Vishy Anand on Chess.com a couple years in a row?  You know, the Anand vs. The World Match. 

The first year we took a draw and then the next year that we played him there were those crazy technical glitches and Bubba had to go and left the building and we never finished the game (it's all good though we all love Vishy).  

What about the new maestro of chess, Boy Wonder, Magnus Carlsen?  How come we never got to play Mr. Zoolander himself at the fashionable game of Man vs World?  All I'm saying is that someone should get on the horn with him and ask him to take a moment from reading Donald Duck comics for a minute and play a game of Cheezy with all of us.  

Anyway, all kidding aside we really do admire him a lot and want to throw down some chess with the lad so someone should hook this up.  I bet he would draw.  

What do you guys think?

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