2015/16 wrap-up - miscellaneous games from last season

Aug 27, 2016, 2:07 PM |

Hi all,


Long time, no post on my blog, I'm sorry to say. Summer has occurred, which has meant no chess, either in the league or at the university club. Hence, my chess ability has been steadily regressing over the past few months, due to a combination of only keeping up a few bad correspondence games (which I spend an average of 5 seconds a move on nowadays) and the odd bullet game.


This rest from chess has been refreshing - but I seriously need to start gearing up/studying a bit again before the new season! So I am. Whilst I was doing so, I found a few OTB games from the end of last season that I neglected to upload into my database of my games. For completeness, I thought I'd also upload them in this post.

The first couple are league games. We did fairly poorly in last season's league, with a record of 4W 0D 3L. I believe a couple of losses were defaults due to our captain not replying to setup matches. We have a new captain this year, and it shouldn't happen again, so I'm planning on shooting for the title which is rightfully ours!

Game 1 - our match against Bare Village - we won 3.5-0.5 - I conceded the only half-point.

Game 2 - The mighty Uni A vs. Uni B match-up. I played Ian to defend the bragging rights of our A team. This was an entertaining game which we both took a little less than seriously - I think there was some trash talking happening at various points. The ending was kinda strange though!
Super bad luck on Ian's part - but it was a funny game! Uni A defended their honour, beating Uni B 3.5-0.5.
Ok, 3rd and final game I have to post was from the "Roses 2016" match. This was an 8-board match between the universities of Lancaster and York, as part of the wider sporting tournament of the same name. Think a mini-Olympics, with only two teams! The Roses tournament, which is held every year, is named after the 15th century Wars of the Roses held in England between two Houses of Plantagenet, the House of Lancaster and the House of York, a war which ultimately culminated in the Tudor period of monarchs in England. Ok, history lesson aside; this was the first year that chess had been included as a sport (good job to Alkis for setting it up) and so we wanted to win!
My game on Board 2 was against the York captain Joel. Here it is:
We won the match overall though, 4.5-3.5! A great, close match, with some good performances on all boards. Shame it was just an exhibition match this year, but next Roses tournament we will play for points.
Well, that's the end of this disjointed blog - hopefully I'll be back soon with some more frequent postings. Thanks for reading!