A couple of Weekly games

Nov 11, 2014, 4:46 PM |

Ok, so after a poor Slow Swiss, I immediately signed up for the next one! Need practice.

I played a couple of Weekly games to tide myself over until Slow Swiss 19 began. These are both 45/45 games as well.

The first week, I played isaiahjhonson, a strong player. Holy hell did I play a bad game here. My opponent outplayed me, start to finish. Well, maybe not to finish, as I was just about to resign when my opponent inexplicably blundered the exchange and soon after resigned in disgust in a holdable position. A true victory!

The second week, I played Cirrus Stratus again, this time with Black. I played really nicely out of the opening and had a great position. Then I made a serious error, in a position with huge amounts of calculation to do; it was a difficult error to spot, I think. My opponent disagreed; he spotted it in about 30 seconds and then played the computer's top move for the next ~25 moves until I was completely beat. Not my lucky day.
Just didn't get any luck here, there's not much to do when your opponent finds all the computer's top moves, and very quickly to boot! Still, I felt the opening at least was pretty successful, with Black edging it for me until around move 18/19/20.
Next time I'll be back with some Slow Swiss #19 games. I also have an OTB tournament coming up so will be blogging those games. Thanks for reading!