Dead Piece

Jun 8, 2012, 2:08 PM |

I remember seeing an article on here recently about "Dead Pieces". The concept wasn't something I had come across before! A Dead Piece isn't one which has been taken - it is still on the board! It is in fact one which is hemmed in in such a way that it cannot be freed (excluding of course a blunder from the opponent!)

Here's a diagram illustrating what a dead piece is:

The Bh1 is dead - it can't move anywhere without being lost and will never be able to escape it's tomb inflicted upon it by the f3 pawn! It is practically useless, and White is lost.

This kind of situation doesn't often occur in games of course! However, today in a blitz game I saw an opportunity to create a "tomb" for one of my opponent's pieces, and having done so, the game turned in my favour and I won. Opening was a Dutch with 2.Bg5, quickly turning unorthodox.

So definitely not my finest game, errors on both sides in abundance, but I managed to win by first seeing a forcing line with a sting in the tail which gave me a clear strategic advantage. Then it was who blunders second-to-last wins, and on this occaision, it wasn't me! Thanks for reading!