Game of the Week: 2

Nov 21, 2010, 5:00 AM |

Right, so following on from last week's game here is a much longer game, an epic which starts quietly but then the pressure builds up to almost intolerable levels, and then ... BAM! Both sides break through on opposite wings and the position quickly turns crazy. The smoke clears, and Black turns out to be ahead, although it is unclear how. However, Black uses his advantage well and brings the game to a neat conclusion. I hope you enjoy the game.

So that was a pretty mental game! Definitely one of the best I've had at this site - it was a game with a unique character, throwing up unusual situations. Try and analyse it if you dare, and find some improvements for both sides - there are plenty. No huge blunders on either side though.
Next week's game is subtitled: "Strategy of the Nimzo-Indian".