Game of the Week: 5

Dec 12, 2010, 5:11 AM |

Ok, this week's game is called "Sudden Death".

In essence, after coming off worse in the opening stages, White springs a combination to win a pawn back. Imagine his shock when Black allows him to win the pawn, then counters with an improbable looking move which leads to forced mate!

Time controls were the same, my opponent was rated about 1600 whilst I was around 1700-1800 at the time.

A small tactics test: find the winning move for Black.
Just quite a cool combination at the end.
Next week's game will feature a VERY tactical and risky King's Gambit game. I give up my queen in order to win material via a promotion threat in the middlegame. In the end I took one risk too many in an unclear position and should have lost, but luckily my opponent missed a mate in 3 and I came back to win. See you next week!