Game of the Week 9

Oct 4, 2011, 5:13 PM |

This game is a game of three thirds. In the opening, White is allowed to gain a small advantage via an opening error by Black. This recedes in the middlegame, where Black comes back into it, winning a pawn. But White has improved the position of his pieces, especially his king, and come the endgame, material is even again, with a White bishop vs. a Black knight. The endgame is where the game is won, and is, I think, a good example of a good vs. bad minor piece.

The endgame is instructive i think, because it shows how blockades can be set up, how you must identify the critical squares, and how it is important to maintain the active king position. The whole endgame is fought over king position, Black eventually running out of moves and having to concede.