Slow Quad #29: Game 6

Apr 9, 2013, 4:15 AM |

Round 6 in the quad! By this point actually, I had already won the quad, being on 4.5/5 - my nearest challenger was on 2.5/5! But, it would be nice to finish off the tournament with a win against flannufmed. Here's what happened:

Well this was certainly a back and forth game. I maybe came off better after the first 10 moves, but then made some bad decisions and Black had me on the ropes! But my opponent failed to capitalise on his position, and in the end, tactics came to my resuce again.

So, that rounded off the quad nicely. 5.5/6, a great record! I could have made it 6/6 if I'd managed to convert that game in Round 2, but overall, I can't be dissatisifed with my play.

Thanks for reading!