Slow Quad #29: Games 3 and 4

Mar 5, 2013, 4:13 PM |

I haven't got much time to write these blogs at the moment, but that's ok for these two rounds, since ... well, you'll see.

Round 3, my opponent had car trouble, and unfortunately couldn't make it back in time for our game to start, since it was very late in England by that point. So I got a forfeit (although if I'd thought of it, I would have tried to reschedule the game!). Leaving me on 2.5/3, halfway through the quad. Pretty good!

Round 4, Pkraus and I faced off again, this time I was with the White pieces.

Wel, I certainly would never have resigned so early, since I believe chess is always meant to be a fight - sometimes you lose a piece, but you've got to keep going until it's hopeless. This opening is also a very risky one for White with such swathes of space behind his kingside pawns, and I've been burnt far too many times in this variation. But my opponent was very classy in his resignation, and I respect that and his decision.

Next time, I'll probably make a start on the Slow Swiss #3 tournament, where the first 4 rounds have already been played. But I won't forget there are still two very interesting rounds of this quad to go!

Thanks for reading!