Slow Swiss #10: Round 1

Nov 29, 2013, 4:00 PM |

And another new DHLC tournament! This one is another of the usual 5 round Swisses that I have played in a couple of times.

The first round game I was White, against IMADDABABNEH, who has a rating around the 1400s for Live Standard. I have to say, IM (for short Tongue Out) played a very solid and well thought-out game, and thoroughly deserved to win this one and inflict my first defeat in 12 standard games (Even as the lowest rated player I faced in those 12 games!). All good runs must come to an end! By contrast, I wasn't in the mood - I blitzed out my moves even more quickly than I usually do, seeing nuances a move or two later than IM regularly and capping off the game with a spectacular miscalculation which blundered the game away. Here it is:

Well played to my opponent in this game, and a tough loss for me to start the tournament with! I remember starting a previous Swiss with a first round loss against a lower rated player as well - seems to be something I need to shake. Thanks for reading!