Slow Swiss #10: Rounds 2 & 3

Dec 19, 2013, 5:50 PM |

Back to the Slow Swiss #10 tournament, after losing in the first round I was determined to come back and win the next 4 out of 5! Did I manage it? The next two blogs will cover that.

Round 2 of the tournament, I was paired against pedrinho, who I faced the other week! Well it seemed that pedrinho didn't want to play me again, as shortly after the pairing were released he withdrew from the tournament! I'm sure it was unrelated.

Round 3, I was paired against Jausch46. This game was a very interesting one, and the first time I tried to post this blog, I got so carried away doing some analysis of a possible continuation on the 9th move that I missed that it got too late and I hadn't even analysed the rest of the game! Let's try and get it posted this time.

A game where a lot more could have happened is maybe the way I'd describe this one! I'd probably play 9...Nxf2 if I got this position again, which is unlikely since I should really prepare something a bit less dodgy against 1.Nf3. Still, likelihood is I won't ... Thanks for reading!