Slow Swiss #11

Mar 15, 2014, 4:54 PM |

Hi all, it's ages since I played in this tournament, but finally got around to posting my games. Analysis will be light, but hopefully useful!

So this was a 5 round Swiss, hosted here on by the DHLC. The time controls were 45 45 for each game.

Round 1: I started off with a quick win against Immoney5252 - he made a tactical error early on and never really recovered.

Like I said, very light annotations! This game is the oldest of all these posted here and I can't remember too much about it. Anyway it looks like I just went up a piece and Black never recovered.

Round 2: My opponent played into a small opening trap, and although he responded well, I was able to consolidate my advantage and eventually won with an attack

Round 3 saw a interesting game against tabarisch. My opponent misevaluated the critical variation as losing and instead succumbed to a kingside attack.

Round 4, I was paired against Falcon87. He got a very solid draw against me last time, so I was a little more prepared to get some chances this time. It didn't really work out - in fact I blundered a pawn and had to turn it into some sort of attack, which incredibly paid off as he made a couple of weird defensive moves which ended up getting his king and rook hemmed in (which he wasn't too impressed with afterwards!) It was a tense game though.

Interesting games. So I was on 4/4 going into the final round with a great chance to win! BUT, I forfeited the last game due to a confusion with timezones (despite the fact I was in the UK and my opponent in Ireland, league rules required us to convert to ET to negotiate our game times. That's fair enough, but I made a mistake with the conversion and turned up two hours late! Apologies again to my opponent for that round, Gunners2004)
Nevertheless, some fun games were had! I do apologise for the sub-par standard of annotations for this round - had a lot on recently and couldn't find the time - also, I don't remember all the analysis I did on these games! Hopefully the games were still enjoyable.

Thanks for reading!