Slow Swiss #18

Nov 11, 2014, 4:20 PM |

So, over a month ago now, the summer finally came to an end and I started postgraduate study at University. With this came the inevitable need for procrastination, and so to divert myself I tamed my bullet ways and started playing in Slow events again!

I played in the 1600+ section in this event; time controls were 45/45; the event lasted 4 rounds.

Warning: the chess that follows is not exactly Excitement City (at least from my side!)

Round 1 saw me still very much hungover from a few months of playing solely quick time controls. The basic story of this game is that I tried to create a fancy attack on the wing, whereas my opponent just played simple, strong chess, countering my wing play in the correct fashion by opening a central file and counterattacking. I actually consider this game to be a very elegant and stark example of this principle, even if I got miniatured.

Beautiful game.

Round 2 I got a forfeit. Yay for me. I'm back to evens.

Round 3, I faced Nagao, a strong player. I played a far better game, even if I had no chances to win I kept it mostly even and held a solid draw as Black. Not bad.

I don't remember too much of the analysis for this game.

Round 4, I played Cirrus Stratus, a very high rated player. I didn't really get anything and it turned out to be a quick draw.

Poor event for me with some really anaemic chess. Oh well, I'll improve! Thanks for reading!