Slow Swiss 5: Game 1

Apr 16, 2013, 3:42 PM |

So the Slow Swiss 5 tournament has gotten underway this week at the DHLC. It's essentially a 5 round Swiss tournament, 1 round a week, at time controls of 45|45. This tournament is also the first of its kind at the DHLC to feature team play, as well as individual; whilst not necessary to enter as a team, a lot of people thought it would be good fun to get teams together. I myself received an invitation to join the Black Knights team, which I accepted. Hopefully we can be the most successful team!

Anyway, in the first round, I was paired up against dgross9. I looked him up, and while his Standard rating was almost 300 points below mine (before the game) this was not based on many games, and in Online Chess, his most active discipline, he held a similar rating to mine.

So, I went into the game expecting a good even fight, and it wasn't disappointing! The game started off with one of my newer opening choices, the tactical Evans Gambit, and quickly got complicated! It's my opinion, after analysing after the game, that I managed to build up a small advantage by move 16 or so, but then I played a couple of poor moves and my opponent consolidated his position, and then struck with a tactical theme I had seen but forgotten about (perhaps the most irritating aspect of the game). I tried a few more tricks but my opponent held firm and secured a much deserved victory!

Here's the game, with my analysis.

Well played to my opponent, and a disappointing start to the tournament! Still, there are 4 rounds left and I fully intend to take 4/4 points from those, just try stopping me Tongue Out Thanks for reading!