Slow Swiss #9: Round 5

Nov 9, 2013, 2:27 PM |

Hi all, the final round of the Slow Swiss #9 tournament took place last week! At the top of the top of the standings before the round, there were two players on 4/4 (who were facing each other this round) and then just behind on 3.5/4 were myself, JagdeepSingh (who I drew with in Rd 4) and my opponent for this week, bresando, a very strong player with a standard rating of 1700, but a FIDE rating of 1875 (on his profile).

We scheduled our game for the Sunday, so by the time it came round to play, most of the other results were already in. The two 4/4 players drew their game, whilst Jagdeep was unfortunate to lose his. Those were great results for me though, as it meant that I could tie for first, if I won my game! Of course bresando was in the same situation - so, a lot at stake!

Here's the game:

Well, this was definitely my best played game of the tournament, I felt good about the way I played throughout the whole game. And it allowed me to tie for 1st with 4.5/5 which was great! Thanks to bresando for a great game, he played well up until the mistake 21.g4, after which it was very difficult for White. Thanks for reading!