Slow Swiss #9: Rounds 1-3

Oct 15, 2013, 3:39 PM |

Alright, so I'm a bit behind on this Slow Swiss tournament, of which I played the 3rd round (of 5) today! It's another DHLC tournament, with games played at the 45|45 time control.

I'm pleased to say I'm top of the standings with 3.0/3 at this moment in time (round three's games have barely started yet), although I don't feel that I've been at my best at all! Here's a recap of the rounds so far:

Round 1: I was pitted against Spydervech, unfortunately he was suffering with computer issues and didn't manage to make it to our game at the agreed time. Since I was super-busy that week, I didn't try and re-schedule, instead claiming a forfeit, which is not something I usually do.

Round 2: I was paired against Da-Waagh, a strong player with a rating in the 1600s for standard. Our game was a little bi-zaagh heh. Here's what happened:

A very short game, but I still can't believe my opponent resigned there - nothing was clear. Still, I took a full point from that and moved to 2/2.

Round 3: I was paired with Larceny, a player with a 1500s standard rating. This game was a very interesting one. He played very strongly out of the opening and with a very dangerous plan of castling queenside and attacking my king quickly. He sharpened things up with an early h4, which really means that neither player can slip up, although I perhaps had the harder task of organising an effective defence around my king! By move 16 it was getting very complicated and I made a mistake and then a blunder on move 17 where the computer eval was something like +3 in his favour, but he didn't see the idea and instead blundered in return on his 18th, the position slipping back to equal. On move 19 he made perhaps the biggest mistake to me - although materially it was the way to play, the resulting imbalance of material favoured me and his pressure was diffused. In fairness to my opponent he didn't see that his knight would get trapped at the end of the combination. By move 23, material was equal on points, but very imbalanced with White having a queen and two pawns opposed to Black's extra rook, knight and bishop. But my minor pieces were solidly placed in the centre of the board, giving me an advantage. I felt I played the rest of the game very accurately. Here it is:

A tough game indeed, with swings back and forth. Very well played to my opponent, especially the first 17 moves.

So with that, I'm 3/3 with two rounds to play. Hopefully I can win the tournament? Thanks for reading!