Spassky handles the Maroczy Bind

Jun 15, 2012, 7:57 PM |

In one of my previous blogs I talked a bit about a couple of the merits of the Hyper-Accelerataed Dragon against the regular Dragon:

 - Less theoretical means less work for me - also maybe avoids the preparation of my opponent since quite an early deviation.

 - King safety is improved - the Yugoslav attack is ineffective against it. This is because time is saved - Black aims to push d7-d5 in one go!

Great, right? Where's the catch? Well, the main one is a particular setup which White has at his disposal in these lines with a c4 pawn thrust before development of the queen knight. This formation is known as the Maroczy Bind.

It's a tough system for Black to play against. His position is passive and finding counterplay is not that easy. But counterplay must be found, else Black must wait for a mistake or over-extension from White.

So I've been looking over different ways to handle it as Black. I'm going to show what I thought was a really nice game by Boris Spassky in which he quickly attacks the centre with f5. The f file opened for Spassky, and he was able to generate his counterplay down it. The concluding attack is very nicely done.

I think this system is worth a trial next time White springs the Maroczy Bind on me. Thanks for reading!