University vs. Dragons 05/11/15

Nov 5, 2015, 3:38 PM |

Just got done playing Dragons in the LANSIL Cup (an 8 team knockout tournament). This is a competition we defaulted out of last year, so it will be a nice aim to try and win this in addition to our league.

The match was held in the university library this time, in a couple of the group study rooms. Another strange venue! Our room had an unfortunate broken motion sensor controlling the lights - the lights cycled on and off every 10 minutes, with no way to stop them! With no other rooms available, we grit our teeth and played on.

Dragons had sent out a team with an ungraded player on top board, and players with grades ranging from 129 down to 110 on the other three. With Kshitij, Nikola and Ian again making up the other 3 boards, we outgraded them significantly - so nothing but a 4-0 victory would do!

My game was very strange in that the first 7 moves almost exactly followed the game I played against Dragons last year - but my opponent was different! The last game can be found here:

The game itself was a nice clean positional win:

We did indeed beat Dragons 4-0 pretty handily, hardly surprising given our stronger team this year than last. Dragons are one of the weaker teams in the area - tougher opponents await in future matches!