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USCL Week 3: Rohde vs. Hua

USCL Week 3: Rohde vs. Hua

Sep 18, 2013, 10:43 AM 0

Hi all, hope everybody's been enjoying the great chess played so far in the USCL! Half of Week 4 has just been played - so this is around the time I get to analysing my pick of Week 3's games! We're following the upward trend - having analysed a Board 4 game in Week 1, and a Board 3 one in Week 2, it's only natural that the game I picked should turn out to be played on Board 2. Board 2 of the match between the Connecticut Dreadnoughts and the Philadelphia Inventors, to be exact.

On paper, this one looks like a total mismatch! Playing White for Connecticut is GM Michael Rohde, the Dreadnoughts able to go with a powerful double GM lineup. With the Black pieces is NM David Hua for the Inventors. GM vs. NM? Surely this is a foregone conclusion! Well, Hua is almost 2400 USCF and anything can happen in the USCL. So what actually went down?

Wonderfully simple, thematic, and yet super-strong play from Rohde as this game goes exactly as expected! So did the Dreadnoughts match vs. the Inventors as Conneticut won 3-1. No wonder this game got nominated for Game of the Week, although it lost out, probably because the opposition in the winning game was stronger than NM Hua's play here. Thanks for reading!

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