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USCL Week 4: Goldenberg vs. Adamson

USCL Week 4: Goldenberg vs. Adamson

Sep 29, 2013, 4:53 AM 0

So, about time I annotated my game from Week 4 of the USCL!

Now, how do I select a game to annotate? Well, I always like to pick a game that I think was exciting, but didn't get nominated for Game of the Week. A different game. And also, I like to pick up on a player that is playing well and looking strong this season.

This game fits all of these points - an exciting Sicilian Najdorf game played on Board 3 of the Arizona Scorpions vs. Manhattan Applesauce match. With the White pieces is NM Ryan Goldenberg for Manhattan, who, after 5 weeks of the season, has been on fire with 4/5, despite Manhattan's poor record so far of 1.5/5. In fact, the Scorpions won this match up 2.5-1.5 with wins on boards 2 and 4, but here's how Goldenberg took down Arizona master and renowned blitz player FM Robby Adamson on the 3rd board:

Thanks for reading!

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