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USCL Week 5: Hendrickson vs. Garcia

USCL Week 5: Hendrickson vs. Garcia

Oct 1, 2013, 11:47 AM 0

Hi all! So, the USCL regular season is already halfway done, with Week 6's games starting tonight, I thought I'd annotate my pick of the week 5 games before they start!

It was a big week for the Carolina Cobras as they finally got on the board with a match draw against the St Louis Archbishops! Whilst Carolina's top two boards got their usual beat-downs in the face of huge rating disadvantages, their bottom two managed to fight back and seize their first half-point of the season. Board 3 was an especiallly nice game. Whilst the Grand Prix Attack is really not something to be feared for Black, and whilst I've personally always believed it is a steaming heap of dung and rubbish for White, as a devout Sicilian player myself it's always nice to see White clinically and cleanly despatched. Here NM Diego Garcia does just that against St Louis's NM Nolan Hendrickson. The game:

So, White opened indifferently (a non-venomous version of the GPA) and then continued with some horrible moves which seemed to display a complete lack of any ideas about what to do. I'm sure NM Hendrickson is a very strong player, but I hate the way he played this opening. Black just got free rein by the time the transition into the middlegame had been made and NM Garcia played a nice game, but really looked untroubled in just collecting the point for Carolina. Thanks for reading! (PS. don't play the GPA, it sucks!)

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