Don't let Danny retire!!!!!!!!!!!

Don't let Danny retire!!!!!!!!!!!

Mar 30, 2018, 8:07 AM |

Okay guys I think you were all surprised when the blog ( )

said ''Danny has also informed us that if he wins, he is retiring to be a farmer in Iceland. Please help us stop him!'' null                           Well Danny Good Luck farming!

We've got to stop him! I know all you members love his hilarious streams but if he retires to a farmer in Iceland there's no chance he'll make a stream when he's busy with his farm.

So all you title players out there.......go beat Danny!

It's up to you to defeat him......there's no way we members can enter the Title Tuesday.

So get there and defeat em!!!!! Or you can root for Danny and help him retire.( #LetDannyWin)

Remember viewers or participators here's how much money ($$$$$$) you get if you win

The prize pool is $1,000, divided as follows:

  • $500 for first
  • $250 for second
  • $125 for third
  • $75 for fourth
  • $50 for fifth

IM Daniel Rensch is hosting for your viewing pleasure! You might as well enjoy his last stream if he wins. P.S. You never know......he could do streams in Iceland........or maybe was making a never know! wink.png

So I am signing off and until next time, peace out.

 Message me @ @1400136896