Premier League 2008

Jan 20, 2008, 4:07 AM |

This posting is about newly started 17ChessClub Premier League 2008.It took place at Restoran Jayati, Shah Alam on 19th Jan,2008,Saturday. The game was between Maxtal and Sam.As this game is started, it marks the beginning of the Premier League 2008.Link for the game can be found here  .

This tournament's format is Round Robin player with 10 players.Those ten players are: 1.syazrin 2.syed 3.tarmizi 4.yusri 5.Tom 6.maxtal 7.razali ng6 8.sahir 9.zahorin 10.sam .

The tournament pairing card has been done for all players and should be updated as the game is finished.All moves must be recorded properly.Score sheets has been done by dr.sam.Any members can ask for a sheet which can be photocopied to be used for the rest of the game. All results must be sent to arbiter,dr.sam and yet to be published here.Kindly post all the games at this blog with the photos.Any difficulties on posting the game, members can seek Dr.Sam's help. This will  enable for the rest of the members to share the joyous moment too.Dr.Sam will try to publish the updated cross table for this tournament. One fine last thing about this League is that the entrance fees must be paid to maxtal within the period of this League.Its amounted to RM50.00 per person.The best thing is that the entrance fees be paid upon the start of the first game.It avoids unnecessary disputes amongs members. 

Last but not least, the organizing committee wishes every player a best of luck.Enjoy this tournament and let us make chess friends.Happy playing!!! 

A warm friendly handshakes before starting game.Max (W) vs Sam (B)