:Little Guide to French Defense:

Mar 9, 2017, 10:37 PM |

Hello~ I'm back again (after a couple of years) however, today I am going to teach the beginners the basic chess openers and how to counter them or use them. Todays opening is called the French Defense it's a pretty well used opening in every level of chess players. Wether it's a beginner like some of you guys reading this or to grandmasters like Mangus Carlsen many use this opener. 


Here are the main reasons for the French Defense:

1) It Can Open the Areas of the Queen:

2) It Can Add Important Pressure Points Later On:

Yes maintaining steady board pressure is a good tactic to easily fluster your opponent such as these games...

In this game White is stuck their queen is pinned down and the black Knight can pose a significant threat to the game.
This game shows French Defense successful pressure:
Tips for countering the French Defense:
1) Be the aggressor not the defender:
Don't be wimpy go in for the kills to ease the board pressure like in this game!
2) Remember to always think ahead before you play your move...

Sorry if it wasn't as good but hey I'm also learning aside with you and this is just a place to write down my knowledge of openings and share with everyone. Happy Chess Playing!