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"God's Tear"

Mar 30, 2008, 11:51 PM 0
1. D4.....The Queens move. I love it. Why? Cuz i love how she moves. I love how she can makes my heart pound when i touch her. I love it when all the drama ends and I'm able to gain another b**** on my board...yeah that's when i look up and say," Yup, I'm not satisfied with just one girl...hahahaha *cough checkmate cough*". I remembered how i was introduced to this game. Full of anger and impatience in my heart. Court forced me into "chess rehabilitation"...if your looking at that and lost...go play more chess, your probably not that good.....SO =) got me into this state of mind of slowing down. My world involved around chess. I attended my high school chess club and looked on as a wierdo and a looser. I was a badboy attending chess club at school? Yeah..i ate a couple times alone during lunch. But that didn't stop me from going 4 years straight being champion UNDEFEATED. Throughout all 4 years I've never lost a game. Miami Killian Senior High School----->i rocked that school and stood out. Next thing i know people started asking where the chess club room was at. I smiled and pointed ," Chess doesn't function well with loosers...it needs a brain to play. But its upstairs to your left." I made it clear and everytime i come to visit my old club I'm just amazed how more people are playing and enjoying it. A year back i look back and remembered the time i was in prison and was known as CK or Chess King. I kicked ass in every cell i went into and made alot of food for me to eat. I got into maybe 3 fights because i just slaughtered my oppenent geniously so of course, to protect their gangster rap they stood up to me. I fought back and got my ass kicked all those 3 times but shit...more respect i gained i got in a odd reason. Now i look at the present and laugh. I laugh cuz it felt like it was all a dream. Chess may just be a game to alot of people but to me it's part of me. Chess will be something that is scarred to my heart and what excites me most is being really really old, maybe around 80 years old, in a wheel chair, maybe holding on to a bottle to pee in alot, and kicking everyones ass in the retiring center!! Oh man will that be the day ima be laughing again. Maybe with a tear rolling down my cheek in happiness. A tear that represents that i accomplished life as a hero to my children and grandchildren and that same tear that i myself looked back in the past and learned my mistakes. I made a bad opening. I set my peices wrongfully. I may have castled the wrong way. I might've moved the wrong pawn. But i know for sure 70 years from now when I'm in life support and that tear rolls down my face it's because i just said "Checkmate, I win."

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