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200 and 500

200 and 500

Aug 2, 2009, 5:58 PM 5

Well, as I approach having played 500 games on this website and 200 wins, I have reached heights never before seen by myself as far as my rating goes. Now for those of you whom subscribe to the school of thought that ratings matter none, then why have we measured the great ones with such lofty ratings. When I think of Kasparov's over 2900 which he still maintains, I still feel dwarfed at 1496. But I have never been rated this high before and it feels pretty good. Call me a Texas Rangers baseball fan, that's ok with me. I am a fan of Major League Baseball in North Texas going on 40 years now and I have been playing chess on this site for almost two years. I have had many lows and am now experiencing a high never before seen by these chess eyes. I still miss the long-range attacks from Bishops and I still walk into forked attacks by pawns. But occasionally I will pull one out where I thought a loss was inevitable. OK, maybe not that dramatic, but I have won where I thought I would lose. Say what you will about my lofty heights (at least from my perspective) and say what you will about my Texas Rangers. We will continue to enjoy the respective rides we are on...

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