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Breaking News !!!

Breaking News !!!

Sep 20, 2008, 7:30 PM 8

Chess has given a lot to me over the last few years and I've given chess all that I have. Today I am retiring from chess. I will finish out the games I have on going at the moment, I am not accepting any challenges from here on out. The preparation that goes into each match has become more than I can bear. The mental aspect of it is always intense but the physical aspect has become loathsome and reluctant. If you ask me four or five months down the road if I want to come back, I am positively sure that the answer will be a resounding "yes !". But at this time if you ask me that question, " Do you want to continue playing ?", right now the answer is a reluctant "no.". I've discussed this with my family and they are supportive of my decision to quit now, contemplate a while, miss chess for a bit of time, and return with that passion that I once had. The Philosophers will go on. That train will leave the station and they will continue to be a well-oiled machine. An oiled machine at least...

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