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Chess Never Quits !

Chess Never Quits !

Sep 27, 2008, 8:36 PM 5

I love chess. But does chess love me ? Chess doesn't have to. Chess can be cold and cruel. Chess can also be rewarding and accomplished. I have now played over 260 games on this website, but not quite 500 over a lifetime. Yes, I have played much more chess in the past calender year than I ever have mainly because this website allows for multiple games. In fact, some guys here have as many games going concurrently as I have over time in my chess.com career. Obviously I have gained valuable experience from this website, although there is much more to be gained when I become more ready to receive more in the lessons laid out from my many losses. I have said many times before and I will say it again ! Chess teaches me about life and to walk away from it would be to walk away from some form of higher learning. Over the course of my life I have walked away many times from many forms of higher learning. Was my premature retirement a bit of a cry for attention ? Well, I do love me some me and I do like to eat popcorn. But I haven't changed my name to Ocho Cinco nor have I punched out any of my teammates. But I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night. All kidding aside... I really enjoy competing in tournaments which is why I create and direct so many, and sometimes I will create another before one finishes. Off the subject of chess, this week in college football ! WOW !!! Kudos to Oregon State and that Crimson Tide out of Alabama ! So much for being blacked out, eh Georgia ! At least they were ready for their own funeral. They lost because they felt they had to rely on some gimmick to beat Alabama ! If you ask me, they lost the game when they made the fuss over their blacked out uniforms. Way to go Dawg ! You just fed right into the Tide ! You see, I'm a Texas Longhorn fan and a UT-Arlington alum. My girlfriend is an Alabama alumnus, which pretty much makes me a fan of the Crimson and cream. I'm also a big fan of chess.com !!! For now I'll fork off...

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