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How 'bout that BoobyFisher8008 ?!?!?!

How 'bout that BoobyFisher8008 ?!?!?!

Jul 10, 2008, 5:21 PM 3

One of our newest members, BoobyFisher8008... In this day of skyrocketing gas prices, energy costs, food and in the not as distant as we think future, water shortages ( which contribute to rising costs as well ) this chess prodigy offers free lessons on chess theory and positioning. What a refreshing thought ! Someone willing to share his thoughts and knowledge of a game, a game mind you, free of charge ! Think about it for a minute. This is just a game. Now is it a great board game to play and pass time ? Why yes it is indeed ! Arguably the best board game ever invented. And people charge for lessons ? That's like charging for lessons on how to play John Madden Football on your PS2, PS3 and X-BOX consoles. I chose JM Football because like chess, there are tournaments all over the country and maybe even some parts of the world like chess. I guess some chess elitists feel that their skill is an art, which it is. Yes, I said that it is in fact an art. But as skilled as some are in the game, does that mean to share is to profit from it ? Yes, our time as individuals is a valuable commidity when you consider that our time away from work and careers, we try to spend with our families. But what about the time we let tick away surfing the net on mindless ventures while our family sleeps and we stay up until just before the roosters crow out in the country. Now, I'll leave the reference of mindless ventures on the internet as just that, in case some smart-alec, self-righteous, finger-pointing idiot wants to tell me to speak for myself and insinuate that I'm up to no-good on the internet. I'm Buddhist, therefore I'm above all that hypocrisy bull-crap. Anyhow, sometimes I digress to the point of just rambling and ranting. Free lessons, see BoobyFisher8008, join his group, have fun playing the greatest board game ever invented. The only game that teaches us about life...

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