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Ignorance is Bliss

Ignorance is Bliss

Jul 21, 2008, 9:48 PM 2

Ignorance is bliss. Just ask George W.. Shouldn't chess be an event in the olympics ? Why is it not an event at the olympics ? If curling garners worthiness of being an event, then I think chess should also be included at the Winter Games. You could even have it at the Summer Games and have the competitors compete every two years at both games rather than just every four. What country would Bobby Fischer have represented if chess had been an olympic event ? Now wait, let me backpedal a bit. I'm assuming that chess is NOT an event. As I stated at the beginning, ignorance is bliss. I've never heard of it being an event at the olympics. I never heard of any olympic conquests by Bobby Fischer or any of his rivals. Nor have I done any research to investigate whether or not it has ever been an event. But it should be ! And you know I'm right ! I'm not gonna listen to anyone who may say that it isn't athletic. Neither is curling. Those who would say it isn't athletic are the same ones who say NASCAR is not a sport, that baseball and soccer are boring, and that hip-hop is a culture. If hip-hop is a culture, then so is being a red-neck ! Now, I'm no red-neck nor am I a fan of hip-hop obviously. But I would like to see a chess match go down between a red-neck and a hip-hopper. Yes, ignorance is bliss.

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