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The Rook

Mar 1, 2008, 8:28 PM 5
The Rook is a piece which bombardes the opponents defenses like a cannon and by linning it up it gives itself up for the next one and then finally the Rook infiltrates the opponents enemy lines. One by one your opponents pieces fall to the mighty Rook. Picture the chess board as a battle field and when the Rook is strategically placed in a position it in itself raises in value because it can do a lot more for your side like wise a Rook in the corner is useless. By placing itself in a position where it determines the game it is imperative it is gaurded and not left stranded. In the game of chess the Rook is aided by the Queen to break through and ultimately ends the game by putting the King in checkmate. It is a truly remarkable piece and with the proper help it slides above the board and it collides with the opponents defenses and it comes down to a final battle with the King "a battle to the death". It comes barging in and without warning your opponent is rendered helpless. The Rook is ranked but when it is in your opponents side it in my opinion is worth the whole game.    

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