Reached 2 000 at blitz

Dec 15, 2016, 3:06 PM |

About year ago i set a goal to reach 2k in blitz after i hit 2k in bullet.. But then i became lazy, did not study much and when i played blitz it was mostly unrated games against lower rated for fun. And after a brake i figured out let's finish that job.  I was surprised i made it very fast. (about 100 games i think)  In the way i even beated some National Master and 2080 rated players. I was surprised to find out many players to whom i lost and won actually are way higher rated (if he was 1980 the moment we played, month or two ago his rating --> ~2140 rated..)

Here are my stats from past 3 months

Avg. Opponent Rating when I...

Win: 1910 Lose: 1978 Draw: 1925


So how did i do it?

I think all those unrated games helped me. First all those 1900+ players are playing sound openings with few exceptions.  You have to know good your opening and to be fast. I did it in 3 min pool. Speed matters. Making fast strong moves imidiately shakes the confiedence of your opponent and he starts to use more time and when you take initiative and time then is more easy. It's all about who attacks first.

So now i will play no more blitz or very little and will focus more on rapid.

But before i end let me share with you an anwesome game that i played against the one and only GingerGM - GM Simon Williams. It was phenomenal 3 min blitz game and you can see it here.