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2nd place in Bikfoot tourney

2nd place in Bikfoot tourney

Feb 3, 2018, 3:03 PM 5

Hello, I am an 11 year old which has been playing chess for 1 year and 4 months. Today I played in the Bikfoot fan club tourney and I wanted to share the games I played with you.Here are the bullet games I won. Hope you enjoy. 

This is the first round against a player rated 777 when I played him. I won on time.

This is the second round. Here I was losing and forced a draw because of time since it was a bullet match.
In the third round I won the person who came third in the tournament. The game ended with a nice checkmate
In the 4th round I won again against a 1600 who has a fide rating of 1800+ so it was very hard.
In the fifth round I had a terrible position but managed to win on time.
The 6th round was the hardest of them all. It was against Bikfoot himself. As you probably guessed I lost. 
Finally for the final round which was the most important for me because I came 2nd. I wanted to win on time so I gave my opponent lots of pieces
My rating did + 38 in tis tournament. Thanks Bikfoot for creating tournament.



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