Aleksander Suvorov

Sep 21, 2008, 10:26 PM |

 Aleksander Suvorov!

Aleksander Vasilievich Suvorov was a Greatest  Generalissimus of all times on the world!

I was been at the last place, where he is now... At the Aleksander Nevskiy Lavra at the Leningrad, at 1979-1980, and later...

 On his stone there is a sign,only three words! as he gave an Order to do! "There laying Suvorov".

All big stones around are full of 'titles', but here there is no titles... 

Suvorov won 64 grand battles from 64!

Only twice his Army was equal by size, all other Victories were made by smallest Army...

'Fight not by the size, but by knowledges'

'Hard at the study, easy at the fight'

 He wrote it at his book :'The Science of Winning".

 He was born too sick, but he challenged oneself, and survived! 

 He got a lot of enemies inside and outside! But every time, when the Russia need to survive and win the new battle, he was been ordered to be a Top dog, again!

And he broke all the rules of old military schools, and find the winning moves!

 He crossed the Alp's Mountains with Army, at the winter, and the enemy find his Army deep behind and inside their own country!..

 Study Suvorov's Science of Winning!

 And get real hard Drills!


 AWARDCHESS. Grigoriy Burtayev.