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Grigoriy Burtayev
Los Angeles, United States 

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 Stars Poets!@

We got a biggest stars-poets at our Forest!

I am a Poet, too, and I am so modest...

Everyone show own Talent and greatest abilities!

Someone so creative, and some ride an "Infinity"...

Someone complain on the star-contributors!

And crowd applauds, as long time for an Youda...

There is Forest Law implemented at the Forest!

Who is your heart's champion, and who is so modest?



Grigoriy Burtayev


==This is a my Life Lovely Novel: the Love, betraying, traveling, studying, meetings; dating , edating, escaping and burning out; what you have been looking and dream about...Your last words and lasted kissing before the steps out.. No tears and cry, just a blues and laught!..And again, Your HEARTBEAT UNDER MY LIPS...GIVE ME all of YOUR KISS!... Greg












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