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Can you handle her? PHOTO ALBUM

Can you handle her? PHOTO ALBUM

Apr 29, 2010, 5:28 AM 26

My Photos from an Original Old Muscle Beach, Santa Monica, California.


Can you handle her? I am not sure about!... She may kick you and your ...

She is so strong and nice! Just after that Photo Session I did a Massage for here, here on the green grass,  and she was so Patient, that strong Men can envy to her for that, because she was not screaming, like they did on my Deep Sport Massage and a Chiropractor Manipulations... She just makes a funny faces on that Procedures... 

She drove away, or fly away?

The Life is a Beautiful Adventure and Trip! I Met so many awesome Persons on my Road to the Heaven. And I try to Reward them, as I can, just for being nice or struggling!Innocent

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