Oct 30, 2011, 8:36 AM |


ori0: thx u too

ori0: since you play many players at difrent levels i wanted to ask you from wich level can a player see and play this kinde of game? thank you a lot!!

ori0: i mean the sucrifise and attak i did to you from the sucrifaice)

AWARDCHESS: I am thinking that it wasn't correct!

ori0: lol not correct?? look at your position!!! ha

ori0: haha what do you think now? still not corect?!! what a fool

ori0: you may want to open up less games your rating is geting closer and closer to ground level :)))))))))))))))))

ori0: what a looser i told every one the real story i have friends at meny teams and we all posted the truth at the team notes now every one know.

ori0: some of the teams are- we are the world, thunder knights, wolf pack and so on

ori0: got choclete ha? you have no idea, i actualy got an apolagy and got 2 extra vecation days for your lies thanks haha!!

ori0: thx to you i was able to go on my trip with out loosing on time haha!!!!