Chess Mate with Bishop and Knight VS King

Chess Mate with Bishop and Knight VS King

Nov 1, 2010, 11:55 PM |

I played that first time at 1977 at the Stimulus VS GM Iosif Dorfman in Engels /Russia/, who made a Lecture, and played 20 boards after that..

I was last one to Resign, when I just got a lone King VS King and Bishop+Knight End! It was a midnight, and I decided to stop the game, and let anyone around go to sleep...

I reject an another possibility to check GM Dorfman out on Chess Skills, and time, and did not start counting 50 moves for chance to Draw!


It was mentioned in Soviet Chess Literature, ' that Kiev's Chess Master fail to Mate on 50 Moves someone at the Tournament!


I saw as one GM Mate another one at American Open Chess Tournament a few Years ago at the last Rounds at Los Angeles...


Here, at I Won a few games on that...

It is more easy when you have enough time to calculate the Variations, and if you can looks up a Books, that the Specific Maneuvre well show up for the Students!

And it can last ... a few Months to do it!

There are a few Books, with that Lesson! Check them out, about W- Maneuvre for Winning!

Also, be careful with the Stalemates Possibilities here!