BEES. Winnie Pooh.

BEES. Winnie Pooh.

May 1, 2010, 9:00 PM |

More then 35 Years of my Life I was been surrounded by my Bees!

My Father Was been a Beekeeper, so I did a best part of my life!

I travel and live in the Fields and Forests 3 -5 Months every Year... And the Bees woke me up before the Sunrise, by their Songs! And the Flowers and Honey Smells 24 Hours.

We Produce up to 2,5 Ton of Honey! The Bees Sting us and Poison every Day from Spring until a November... Dozen and Hundred Hits... An Extremely Painful Joy of Beekeepers!

Now I am out of that Game with Lovely Bees! The Thefts and Bandits Destroyed all my Bees Farm at the Winter, but I am Survived at House...

Heart Attack. Heart Break... Pause... Period.

Now I am alone! And only on my Dreams, I am flying, as before..!