Fisher Memorial!

Jun 14, 2008, 10:33 AM |

awardchess.15. Fisher Memorial.1

Welcome to new my chess tournament 'awardchess' serial!

Let's make a Robert Fisher  Chess Memorial! 

The man , who conquer the chess world, just before own fall...

The USA kick him out, after used him at the obvious political reasons.

Madness? You think, so?..  The re-programming?..

The  taxes problems, after embargo of the independent European country?..

The zionism by own man? 

The 911 comments?.. 

It is too hard to handle the genius in the world!

Are you remember the religious  stories, or Socrates, Bruno?

Are you remember Don Quixote?  The man defeat oneself, if they went to Terra Incognito country... 

Anyway, let's take a second  of silent...

And play!  

God Bless Us!

TD Grigoriy Burtayev.

Greg. Los Angeles