Fortunate Man!

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Fortunate Man



24th September 2008, 05:50pm
by mozerdozer
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     There is no man so fortunate that there shall be by him when he is dying some who are pleased with what is going to happen. Suppose that he was a good and wise man, will there not be at last someone to say to himself, Let us at last breathe freely, being relieved from this dictator. It is true that he was harsh no none of us, but I percieved that he tactily condemns us. This is what is said of a good man ?  But in our own case how many other things are there for which there are many who wish to get rid of us. Thou wilt consider this then when thou art dying, and thou wilt depart more contentedly by reflecting this:  I am going away from such a life, in which even my associates in behalf of whom I have striven so much, prayed and cared, themselves wish me to depart, hoping perchance to get some little advantage by it. Why, then , should a man cling to a longer stay here ?  Do not, however, for this reason go away less kindly disposed to them, but preserving thy own character, and friendly and benevolent and mild, and on the other hand not as if thou wast torn away; but as when a man dies  a quiet death, the poor soul is easily seperated from the body, such as ought thy departure from men to be, for nature united thee to them and associated thee.    PLAY CHESS   QUOTE

24th September 2008, 05:52pm
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